Mission Statement

Mission Statement

The Mission of Westminster Group Plc. and its subsidiaries is to be recognised as a worldwide centre of excellence for the provision of Fire, Safety, Security and Defence products and services.

Westminster aims to improve the quality of life for people throughout the world, regardless of race, colour or creed and will do so by providing world class protection systems and services encompassing all aspects of Fire, Safety, Security and Defence.

Westminster believes all citizens of the world have the right to personal safety and security and to be free from the threats of terrorism, crime, fire, accident and mishap and will assist with the development, design, installation and maintenance of appropriate solutions to counter all likely and perceived risks to individuals and their property.

Westminster will endeavour to achieve this goal by acting in a professional and responsible manner, treating all people with equal courtesy and respect at all times.

Peter D. Fowler
Chief Executive Officer
Westminster Group Plc