CP Single View Full Body Screening System

Body Scanners

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CP Single View Full Body Screening System

Body Scanners

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The WG CP Single View Full Body X-Ray Screening System is an effective solution for the detection of contraband, concealed weapons, explosives and other dangerous substances, including liquid explosives, concealed ON and IN the Body.

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It uses algorithms for automatic intellectual detection and indications of contraband ON and IN the human body.

It uses Automated Detection Assistance Software to classify threats.

It provides High definition X-ray images in 5 seconds.

The person being screened is subjected to a Low radiation dose, up to 0,25 μSv.

Modular 4-joint construction, fast installation & easy alignment, easily relocated, country independent power source, ultra-light construction.


Inspection Method: Low-Dose transmission X-Ray Technology

Inspection Type: Full-Body Inspection

Detection of Objects: Prohibited items hidden ON or IN the body.

Method of Inspection: Moveable platform

Scanning process: The Person being screened is moved through X-Ray beam a platform

Process time: 5 Seconds

Process is Bi-Directional

Operating Mode: 24/7

Capacity: >240 Persons per hour

Real time Image visualisation

Operation Temperature Range: 0⁰C to45⁰C

Humidity: Up to 90%

General Dimensions: 2,232 × 1,805 ×2,447 mm

Weight: 550 Kg

Maximum person weight: 300 Kg

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