HS10 Hand Held Metal Detector

Hand Held Metal Detection

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HS10 Hand Held Metal Detector

Hand Held Metal Detection

The WG 10 Hand Metal Detector is ideal for use in airports, industrial sites, government buildings, schools, hospitals, conferences, sport events, or anywhere you require security searches.
£ 77.00 


Alarm Indicators: Simultaneous Audio Beeper &visual high intensity LED

Battery Inserted Cartridge style (no wires)

Battery Low: Simultaneous Audio & Visual LED

Battery/ Duration: Standard 9 Volt AlkalineMN1604): 400 hours. Optional Rechargeable NiMh 80 Hours

Construction: Ultra rugged ABS moulded case construction

Controls: Power Switch: Momentary On / Off

Dust and moisture protection: IP64 (IEC 529)

Medically: No risk to persons with pacemakers or pregnant women

No interference to magnetic recorded material

Tuning: Fully automatic

Conforms to international standards: CE mark IEC,NILEC, FCC, FAA

Dimensions: Length: 362mm (14.25”). x Width:55mm (2.00”) x Height: 30mm (1.18”)

Humidity: 98%

Operating Frequency: 20Khz

Operating Temperatures: -20°C (68F) to +65°C(150F)

Sensitivity: Fully Automatic

Target Size discrimination at constant sweep: Short Alarm small target, Long Alarm large target

Tested and approved to EEC EN5008-1 Table 1.EN50082-1 Table 1: 1.1 Radiated Emissions

Warranty: 24 months Limited warranty

Weight: 262grms (9.2oz) including battery

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