WG 7 Thermal Camera

Fever Detection

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WG 7 Thermal Camera

Fever Detection

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The WG 7 Thermal Camera is a body temperature measurement and face detection camera for public health control applications.

The WG 7 Thermal Camera can be used both indoors and outdoors and enables accurate and fast fever screening of multiple individuals at once. It is designed to provide full-screen body temperature measurements and face recognition with a depth learning algorithm to detect and capture up to 30

faces simultaneously. The camera provides face tracking, scoring, multi-frame recognition, and automatic filter along with the temperature and output of the optimal face.

The WG 7 Camera supports H.264, H.265 and MJPEG dual coding, three code stream up to 1920p x 1080p at 30fps. It also supports ONVIF, GB/T28181 and other network protocols. The WG 7 provides an 10/100M Ethernet TX port for connecting to the network with a single IP scheme, network expansion ability, easy access to various video surveillance platforms.

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Thermographic temperature detection

Full screen temperature measurement

Selectable temperature range: -15 to +150 C

Thermal view angle: horizonal 35°, vertical 27°

Temperature measurement accuracy: +/-0.3℃

HD video resolution up to 1920 x 1080p

Picture view angle: horizontal 84°, vertical 45°

Support H.265+, H.265/H.264, +MJPEG dual coding, three code stream

20-30 faces detected & captured simultaneously

Built-in 50,000 faces capture for recording & playback database

Network interface 1 x 10/100M ethernet TX

Temperature alarm

IP67 case for indoor & outdoor installations

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