WG Antibacterial Sealant

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WG Antibacterial Sealant

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Westminster’s Antibacterial print sealant is a valuable component in creating a safe environment and can prevent further transmission as the item is passed from person to person.

The WG Antibacterial Sealant is an advanced solution to be added during the print process creating an invisible protective layer. Germs landing on the surface are then neutralised within seconds, preventing further transmission.

Formulated from the safest ingredients, it has the added benefit of protection for the lifetime of the printed item.

The sealant solution uses crystallised soap and is colourless, odourless and has no texture. It can be added to any item during the print process and is ideal for printing brochures, menus and information sheets.

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Fast-acting and long-lasting protection

Safe to use


Neutralises bacteria

Laboratory tested and approved

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