WG03T Broadband Indicator

Mobile Phone Detection

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WG03T Broadband Indicator

Mobile Phone Detection

The WG 03T Broadband Indicator of radio signals is designed to detect and determine the location of different signal sources (GSM, BT, WF, DECT, 3-4G, etc.), distinguish between continuous and pulsed signals, and to roughly estimate their radiation power.
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Operating frequency: 400MHz-6GHz

Detection range over the entire range: 0.5-1m/mW

Dynamic range: 74 dB

Indicator bitrate:12

Indication thresholds over the entire range: 0dBand + 12dB

Power of acoustic jammer: more than 80 dB

Battery life:- without signal -3000h,- with light indication -40h,- with sound indication -25h,- with vibroindication-1.5h,- LED flashlight 4h.

Charging time: 1,5 h

Dimensions: 48x32x12mm

Weight: 20 g

Case: Plastic

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