Covid Testing

Supporting affordable & accredited remote COVID-19 testing at scale.

COVID-19 Testing

Supporting people, companies, and governments around the world in the fight against COVID-19

One of the key challenges facing businesses, and the leisure and travel industries in particular, is how to reopen safely, and welcome patrons back with the confidence that people are properly tested and Covid free.

Governments worldwide are therefore looking for workable solutions for verification, be that Covid/vaccination passports or a form of certification – the challenge however is how can this be done reliably and cost-effectively.

In this respect Westminster is delighted to support what we believe is a world-beating new initiative launched by Certific, which addresses all these issues and is affordable, reliable, certified and user-friendly.

"Westminster is delighted to support Certific in their new and exciting initiative"

Introducing the Certific approach to home testing

Verified home testing with Test Quality Officers

Certific is simple to use, verifies users’ identities and instructs them on how to correctly perform a Coronavirus test.

After downloading the secure Certific app, the user is instructed on how to video record themselves taking the test from the comfort of their own home. The test is then shipped to a lab for analysis, and results and a certificate of verification appear on the app the following day.

The videos are reviewed by Test Quality Officers that have been trained by medical doctors, before being signed off by a physician. This process ensures that there has been no falsification of test results, and the medical certificate proves that the test has been done accurately and truthfully.

Affordable COVID-19 Test Certification.


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Certific is a team of medics, researchers & technology experts making trustable home testing fast & affordable for all.

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