Providing professional and comprehensive training services

Through its various operating companies Westminster, particularly its specialist training company Longmoor, provides professional and comprehensive training services covering multiple sectors including Aviation, Maritime, Police, Military, Security and Safety. Training, in many industries such as security and aviation is not a one off exercise but needs to be a regular and integral part of operations and Westminster will work with clients to tailor training schemes to suit client’s exact needs.

The following are some of the courses we offer. We can also tailor courses to suit client requirements.

Aviation Courses:

  • General Security Awareness Training (GSAT);
  • Level 1: Ground Security Officers;
  • Level 2: Ground Security Supervisors’;
  • Level 3: Aviation Security Managers’ Course;
  • Aviation Security Screeners’ Training;
  • Aircrew Security Training;
  • Cargo Training (All Levels);
  • In-Flight Supplies Training;
  • X-Ray 6×6 Training;
  • Aircraft Security Search;
  • Aviation Security Human Resources Training (AvSec HR);
  • Aviation Security Technology Training;
  • Fire Awareness Training;
  • Threat Identification Training;
  • Disaster Planning Training;
  • Crisis Management;
  • Conflict Management Training;
  • K9 Handler Training.

Maritime Courses:

  • Anti Piracy Training;
  • Port Facility Security Officer (PFSO);
  • Company / Ship Security Officer (CSO/SSO).

Safety Courses:

  • First Aid at Work;
  • First Person on Scene (FPoS);
  • Advanced Trauma.

Security Courses:

  • Close Protection Operator (CPO);
  • Hostile Environment Close Protection Operator (HECPO);
  • Key Point (KP) Protection;
  • Advanced Driver Training.

Police Courses:

  • Police Training;
  • Strategic Planning;
  • Surveillance Training;
  • Crowd & Riot Control.

Military Courses:

  • Special Forces Training;
  • Hostage Rescue Training;
  • Infantry Training;
  • Fire Arms Training;
  • EOD/IED Training.

I would just like to say thank you for delivering such an interesting and useful course to my team.

As a high profile Government department it is particularly important that staff are trained to effectively be able to identify a potential threat that has been sent through the mail, and to be aware of the escalation process if they are concerned about an item they are scanning

Alison King
Mail & Messenger Services (South), UK Government

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