X-Ray Screening

Sales, Installation, Commissioning & Maintenance of X-Ray Baggage, Mail, Cargo & Pallet Scanners as well as operator training.

X-Ray Screening at Freetown International Airport

X-Ray Screening Solutions

Security Screening Area

Aviation entities worldwide rely on the effectiveness and efficiency of security screening areas to ensure that passengers, staff and all items loaded onto an aircraft are free from prohibited articles.

Container Screening

Effective container screening is an integral part of a port security function, an a vital means of ensuring customs receive the revenue they are due.

Cargo Screening

X-Ray Scanners designed for screening large cargo and palletised goods, they are available in a variety of models, including Dual View generators and different levels of x-ray penetration.

X-Ray Baggage Standard Features, Options and Terminology explained.

6 Colour Imaging

6 Colour Imaging Technology uses imaging analysis to assign colours based on the effective atomic number.

This technique provides better differentiation of items which may have similar composition; each screened object appears in one of the 6 colours based upon a specific range of atomic numbers.

It provides material discrimination allowing the operator to determine between threat and non-threat items, the operator is able to interpret the X-Ray image more quickly and isolate threats with better precision, this increases both throughput and detection accuracy.

Advanced Management System (AMS)

This is used for centrally carrying out management routines, updates, amending settings and monitoring multiple X-Ray Scanners on a site.

Upon starting up a WG X-Ray scanner or workstation, signals are immediately sent from those machines to the AMS requesting and retrieving recent system changes or data updates. This data can include added or deleted users, altered administrator settings, and software updates such as Threat Image Protection (TIP) library additions and TIP settings. It sends data back to the machines or workstations and automatically updates their systems as necessary.

Threat Image Projection (TIP)

A valuable detection tool for operators and administrators, the software has a large library with a range of threat objects and operates by periodically inserting a threat object into a scanned image.

When a threat object is detected, operators push the “Suspect” button on the keyboard to signify they recognize the threat. If the operator fails to identify a threat, the system will pause and the threat object will flash on the screen to notify the operator of the missed threat.

TIP exposes operators to various threat objects and provides further practice in threat identification. TIP enables administrators to evaluate the threat detection capabilities of operators and ensure they are screening effectively.

X-Ray Screening Systems & Equipment

Mail Scanners

X-Ray Scanners designed for screening post, mail, small parcels and packages, they  are available in a variety of models, static place-the-mail in the box and conveyorised.

X-Ray Search Trays

X-Ray Baggage Scanners are not designed to scan small or loose items as the weight or physical sizes of such items are unable to penetrate the weighty lead curtains at the entry and exit end of baggage scanner tunnels, search trays are an ideal medium for transporting small items through the scanner and when used at airports etc for keeping all of a passengers personal together.

X-Ray Scanner Test Pieces

Ensuring X-Ray screening equipment is correctly detecting threats is an important daily task of an effective security function.

X-Ray test pieces are designed to ensure that the performance requirements for Dual View X-Ray Machines as required by the DFT and ECAC are met and maintained.

Checkpoint Scanners

Hand Baggage & Small Parcel Scanners and Systems with integrated Artificial Intelligence (AI) detection.

Luggage / Parcel Scanners

These X-Ray Scanners are designed for screening aircraft hold baggage, large parcels and packages and medium size cargo, they are available in a variety of models, including Dual View generators and a high or low conveyor.

 CT Scanners

CT X-Ray Scanners combine radiography and computed tomography allowing freight forwarders, airlines, and government agencies to perform rapid and effective cargo inspections, for the ultimate in imaging detection.

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