Airports & Aviation

The evolving threat within aviation presents a continuous challenge but every airport operation remains a potential terrorist target and now more than ever effective security is an absolute requirement.

Airport Coronavirus Protection Systems

Temperature Detection Systems

Westminster supply a range of Thermal Camera Temperature Detection Systems for Coronavirus, Ebola & Flu.

Sanitisation Systems

Sanitising disinfects surfaces to effectively kill deadly microorganisms, particularly during a pandemic situation such as Coronavirus COVID-19.

Managed Services

The Complete Aviation Security Package

  • Improve and enhance security at International Airports

  • Compliance with ICAO and International requirements

  • Enhance the efficiency of security operations

  • Potentially Increase the airport capacity

  • All at no cost to the Airport Authority

Airport Security Made Easy

Westminster's complete aviation security package

Aviation Training Courses

Aviation Training Courses

Westminster can provide tailored training courses that will be designed to meet your exact requirements.

All training delivery follows ICAO, EU & UK Department for Transport practices and as required complies with the UK National Aviation Security Programme. We also ensure all local and national legislation and policies are fully researched and woven into the modules.

With the ability to combine our security and aviation expertise we are able to produce aviation industry recognised training packages that fully support and comply with international requirements.

Courses cater for those with little or no previous experience through to those in management roles or that need refreshing and aligning with new operating procedures and standards.

X-Ray Screener Training

Westminster offer computer based training and in-depth practical training that compliments the use of specialised equipment and practices, such as  x-ray operator & image recognition.

All training is delivered by an industry qualified and internationally experienced team who have spent many years working in diverse operations around the world and use this experience and first hand familiarity to create environments that deliver an informed, flexible and committed workforce.

Bespoke Training Packages

Westminster’s training programmes are developed on a modular framework that targets both the individual and operational needs. A blend of appropriate classroom and extended practical knowledge provides understanding, resulting in skilled and able workforce.

All training is delivered by an industry qualified and internationally experienced team who have spent many years working in diverse operations around the world. Using this experience and first hand familiarity to create environments that deliver realistic and relevant training.

From experience, this approach represents a far more effective way of raising security awareness, rather than simply delivering “generic theories”.

Robust airport security relies on the right technology  for the job.

Airport Security Products & Systems

Westminster has one of the world’s largest portfolios of security products and systems which can be delivered to clients anywhere in the world. From simple security and safety devices to complex solutions for the protection of borders, buildings and infrastructure – Westminster have the answer to your security requirements.

X-Ray Screening Equipment

Check Point Screening

A range of x-ray systems for checking carry on baggage and small packages for use within central security, VIP and staff access gates.

Hold Baggage Screening

X-Ray Scanners designed for screening aircraft hold baggage, large parcels and packages and medium size cargo. Available in a variety of models, including Dual View and a high or low conveyor.

Cargo Screening

Screening large cargo and palletised goods, scanners are available in a variety of models, including Dual View generators and different levels of x-ray penetration.

X-Ray Testing

Ensuring x-ray screening equipment is correctly detecting threats is an important daily task of an effective security function.

X-Ray test pieces are designed to ensure that the performance requirements for Dual View X-Ray Machines as required by the DFT and ECAC are met and maintained.

Conveyor Systems

Tray Return Systems, additional baggage staging areas including parallel staging areas to handle high passenger volumes. Extra roller segments and powered conveyors can all be added to optimise the space within a given security checkpoint.


Westminster can supply a range of accessories for use with X-Ray Baggage operations including trays, random search selectors and blast containment.

Terminal Security

CCTV Systems

Advanced CCTV surveillance systems are essential and advanced analytics equipment can be deployed to automatically detect unattended baggage and suspicious behavior.

Access Control

Access Control to secure areas and Entry Control to protect and control vehicle and pedestrian access to air-side and other secure areas.

Fire Detection & Prevention

Westminster can provide a complete range of fire detection, suppression and test solutions to ensure that staff and passengers are as safe as possible in the advent of a fire.

Emergency Evacuation

In the advent of a Fire or any other incident requiring evacuation systems design to assist with the safe and calm evacuation an airport.

Control Rooms

Integrated all detection systems back to a single control room gives security teams a complete overview of the airport security situation and can act as a coordination suite for incident control.

Guard Tour Management

System to monitor the movement of security teams around a set tour of the airport. Should any deviation occur, it may indicate a security incident and an alarm can be quickly raised.

Airfield Security

Perimeter Detection Systems

As Airport Perimeters are normally several kilometres in length this can often be a challenge. Westminster has a range of specialist solutions for protecting long range Perimeters including Fencing and Specialist Detection systems, Long Range Surveillance and Ground Based Radar for the detection and tracking of any intruders.

Radar Detection

Radar surveillance system provides automatic site security for large open spaces, the sensor detects moving or stationary objects appearing anywhere within a range of up to 1500 metres in all weather conditions and light levels.

Thermal Surveillance

Providing wide area surveillance across an airport and airfield even in low light and fog. Thermal cameras can be integrated with other surveillance and detection technologies to provide multiple levels of security.

Debris Detection

Detection of debris and the repair of damage to runways are essential for the safe take-off and landing of aircraft; Westminster offers solutions to allow effective maintenance and automatic detection of potential debris threats.

Drone Defence

Drones have been used to cause significant disruption at airports resulting in the shutting down of operations for long periods causing flight delays and lost revenue.

Bird Scarers

Systems designed to humanly deter birds who have flocked to a runway or airport site and pose a potential safety risk.

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