Screening & X-Ray

Checkpoint / Small Parcel Scanners

Westminster's Checkpoint and access control systems inspect backpacks, suitcases, purses and luggage and allow operators to detect threat objects hidden in cluttered bags.

Luggage / Parcel Scanners

Westminster's Luggage/ Parcel Scanners are designed for screening aircraft hold baggage, large parcels and packages and medium-size cargo, they are available in a variety of models, including Dual View generators and a high or low conveyor.

Cargo & Pallet Scanners

Cargo & Pallet scanners are designed to screen dense, bulky cargo. Increased generator sizes allow for greater penetration. Dual View products are a requirement for applications such as Aviation.

Vehicle & Container Scanners

Passenger vehicles, trucks and sea freight containers are often used as a means of transporting persons and smuggling contraband, such as explosives, narcotics and weapons across borders and into or out of facilities. Westminster has a range of X-Ray Vehicle Screening solutions available.

Mail Scanners

Westminster's X-Ray Scanners are designed for screening post, mail, small parcels and packages. They are available in a variety of models, static place-the-mail in the box and conveyorised.

Portable Scanners

Portable scanners can be relocated with ease.

Walk Through Metal Detection

Westminster's Walkthrough Metal Detectors will detect metallic objects on people passing through the detector, such as knives, weapons, and metallic contraband items. Their level of detection sensitivity can be adjusted to meet varying threats.

Hand Held Metal Detection

Westminster's hand held metal detectors are designed for quick and efficient body search scanning for knives, weapons and concealed metal objects.

Body Scanners

Westminster's body scanners are devices that detect objects on or inside a person's body for security screening purposes, without physically removing clothes or making physical contact.

Other Scanners

Westminster's scanners are designed to find hidden or misplaced objects in places that they were not meant to be.

Screening Trays

Our search and screening trays are designed for use with X-Ray Scanners / Security search in Airports, Ports, Educational establishments and other search points.

Screening Test Pieces

Test Pieces & Test Kits for calibrating Walk Through Metal Detectors and X-Ray Scanners.

Screening Accessories

Westminster can supply a range of accessories for use with screening and scanning operations, including for X-Ray baggage scanners, walk through metal detectors and random search selectors.

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