WG IS1818 X-Ray Cargo & Pallet Scanner

Cargo & Pallet Scanners

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WG IS1818 X-Ray Cargo & Pallet Scanner

Cargo & Pallet Scanners

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The WG IS1818 X-Ray Pallet and Cargo Scanners are designed for large cargo and pallet inspection at sites such as logistics centres,military bases and any location where large-scale security screening is required. The system uses a high-resolution x-ray detector array that increases detection sensitivity, improves image resolution and optimises image presentation.

The 200kV model has a steel penetration of 52 mm and the 320kV has a steel penetration of 80mm.

Both models have an extended tunnel and heavy-duty roller bed to support 3,000 kg.

Both scanners have 6 colour Imaging, which enables operators to view screened objects in 6 colours, each colour correlating to a specific range of Atomic Z-Numbers. 6 Colour Imaging enables operators to achieve optimal material identification which serves to improve throughput.

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6 Colour Imaging

9 Quadrant Zoom

Atomic Z-Number Measurement

Auto Image Archiving

Baggage Counter

Colour and Black/White Imaging

Continuous Scanning

Continuous Zoom Up to 64x

Distortion Correction

Geometric Image

High Penetration Function

Image Annotation

Image Review

JPEG Conversion

Material Discrimination

Multi-Tier Accessibility

Network Ready

Organic/Inorganic Imaging

Picture Perfect

Print Image Capable

Pseudo Colour

Real-Time Image Manipulation

Real-Time Self Diagnostics

Reverse Monochrome

Save Image (RGB)


Dimensions (LxWxH): 731.2 cm x 289.6 cm x285.3 cm, 287.9” x 114.0” x 92.62”

Net Weight: 4,450 kg (9,811 lbs)

Roller Bed Capacity: 3,000 kg (6,614 lbs) EvenlyDistributed Load

Roller Bed Height: 38.6 cm (15.2”) from Floor

Roller Bed Speed: 10 cm/s (20 ft or 6m/min)Forward or Reverse

Shipping Weight: 4806 kg (10595.4 lbs)

Tunnel Size (WxH): 180.4 cm x 180.4 cm, 71.0” x71.0”

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