Buildings & Concierge

In these times of heightened security many buildings are installing advanced security and screening equipment.​

Buildings & Concierge Managed Services

In these times of heightened security many buildings are installing advanced security and screening equipment.​

But often the security or concierge teams are not fully qualified for their new expanding roles. Many security guards are simply pulled from the street and put in a uniform and are ill equipped to deal with the security risks posed.

Westminster has the solution to these issues and can provide a guarding or concierge service with teams fully trained to aviation standards and with the backup required form an internationally recognised security provider.​

  • Provision of Equipment

  • Maintenance & Upgrades

  • Provision of Fully Trained Security Teams

  • Threat & Risk Assesments & Operations Management

Westminster has the solution


Westminster will provide all the necessary security equipment required to improve, enhance and expand physical and electronic security systems and equipment across the whole project.​

Providing all equipment necessary for the screening, detection and surveillance, designed to meet aviation standards including suitable staff & visitor screening  systems, sanitisation and fever detection systems.

Trained Security Teams

The quality of the any security function is tied to the quality of the security teams in operation.​

Westminster will work with the client and other stakeholders to ensure the right caliber of people are selected for the security teams.​

All security teams will be fully trained to aviation standards and constantly reviewed, vetted and retrained to ensure the security function remains effective.


Westminster will develop and co-ordinate security functions together into a well-managed and streamlined operation with an experienced management team fully trained and up-to-date with the changing worldwide security environment.​

Effective security involves far more than having the right equipment and technology – it requires robust processes and procedures which are continually assessed and updated. Westminster will provide all of the  security management function, ensuring reliability of all aspects of the operation.

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