Threat & Risk Assessment

Westminster use diverse experience and knowledge across many areas of the worldwide security industry to provide full support needed to manage and assure the threat and risk assessment process

Threat & Risk Assesment

To ensure the continuous assurance that all threats and risks are being identified

And appropriate mitigation measures are being implemented effectively it is essential to have an organised and systematic approach to threat and risk assessment. The way threats are identified and how the risks associated with them are assessed and managed has entered a new era and being driven by the new viral threat. All risks whether security, non-security, safety, national or local and those dictated by regulations must be formally assessed, managed and diminished.

At Westminster, we can use our diverse experience and knowledge across many areas of worldwide security and safety industry and security to provide you with the full support that is needed to manage and assure your risk assessment process. Featuring prominently in these risks Westminster have become used to mitigating health and safety issues, having worked through the Ebola crisis that affected operations in Africa. Westminster can also assist in reducing the risks surrounding viruses by providing you with equipment and planning.

  • Threat Identification and Risk Assessment strategy

  • Formulation of an assessment and management tool

  • A system to ensure mitigation measures are appropriate, sustainable and are performance measured

  • Training at all levels to ensure staff have the required ability to reduce the risks and protect your business

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