Vehicle & K9 Patrols

The Westminster Group has extensive experience providing guarding services across a broad spectrum of sectors and services, including the provision of vehicle & K9 patrols

Security Vehicles & Patrols

Westminster provides a Vehicle Patrol Service which complements our Manned Guarding Service. Our fully trained Guards operate Vehicle Patrols which have the ability to cover large areas or spread out locations such as:
• Multiple branches of business, schools or colleges separated by distance
• Multiple area high capacity car parks
• Large industrial areas and business parks
• Railway lines and other critical infrastructure

K9 (Dog) Patrols

All Guard Dogs are highly trained and controlled by fully qualified SIA and NASDU licensed handlers. The inclusion of Dog Units is recommended for certain security operations as they have the ability to:
• Create a visual deterrent far in excess of that created by a guard without a dog
• Control large crowds and apprehend offenders
• Operate in place of guards in high risk areas or support an existing security team

Industry Compliance

Westminster Associations & Certifications

Keyguard UK Limited currently holds SIA Approved Contractor Scheme (ACS) status for the provision of Security Guarding.