Managed Services


Create a world class airport security function with Westminster complete airport managed services programme through a long term partnership.

Managed Services

The Complete Aviation Security Package

  • Improve and enhance security at International Airports

  • Compliance with ICAO and International requirements

  • Enhance the efficiency of security operations

  • Potentially increase the airport capacity

A Total Security Concept

Whilst airport security will always remain the responsibility of the State, the growing requirement to keep up with the expanding security infrastructure is putting a big strain on states, ​leading to a failure to properly secure these vital transport links.

With Westminster there is an opportunity to engage in either a Build, Maintain & Transfer (BMT) or a Build Operate Transfer (BOT) contract and work with a world leading aviation security specialist. Westminster will work with state organisations and other airport stakeholders to enhance airport security by providing all the required investment,expertise, maintenance and training to bring the country’s airport security up to international standards and maintain those standards for the duration of the contract.

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Create World-Class Airport Security  Operation without cost burden to the Airport Authority

Engaging with Westminster on a long-term concession agreement for the provision and maintenance of airport security systems including detection surveillance and screening at the country’s international airports addresses three major issues:

  1. Importance of security to a country’s economy (risks to movement of passengers and goods and Foreign investment as a result of security issues)
  2. Constantly changing airport security regulations and requirements from the International Civil Aviation Organisation (ICAO) and other international bodies
  3. Removes the burden of future funding required for security upgrades, maintenance and renewal.
Security Management

Westminster will develop and co-ordinate Aviation Security functions together into a well-managed and streamlined operation with an experienced management team fully trained and up-to-date with the changing worldwide security environment.​

Effective aviation security involves far more than having the right equipment and technology – it requires robust processes and procedures which are continually assessed and updated. Westminster will provide all of the airport security management function to ensure all aspects of the operation remain effective and compliant to all required standards.

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Create World-Class Airport Security  Operation without cost burden to the Airport Authority

Chapter 7 of the ICAO Security Manual covers the Quality control element of any airport and in great detail how these should be achieved across all aspects of the security function. Westminster will implement a UK ISO 9000 quality assurance programme that will provide transparency to the business processes and will also provide an additional level of control to the compliance and audit process. It will ensure that internal processes are constantly under scrutiny and are audited on a regular basis.

Equipment Provision

Westminster will provide all the necessary security equipment required to improve, enhance and expand physical and electronic security systems and equipment across the whole airport.​

Providing all equipment necessary for the screening, detection and surveillance, required to meet international standards including extensive new passenger screening and hold screening systems at the airport allowing for airport expansion and equipment upgrades during the life of the project.

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Create World-Class Airport Security  Operation without cost burden to the Airport Authority

Equipment provided will include:

Passenger Screening, Cabin Baggage Screening, Checked Baggage Screening and K9 Substance Detection

Internal & External CCTV Systems, Access Control & ID badging, Point of Presence (Guard Tour) Monitoring and Fire Detection & Prevention

Airfield Detection and Surveillance, Management & Control, Complete Control & Command and Radio Communications

A complete range of maintenance services for all security, screening, detection and surveillance equipment at the airport. Ensuring all equipment is operating at maximum efficiency and properly calibrated twenty-four (24) hours a day with maintenance teams operating in shifts twenty- four seven (24/7) to ensure any downtime is minimised.

Technical Support

Assist the airport authority to ensure the right standards and best practices are all contained in a fully compliant Aviation Security document library.

Including an ever evolving National Civil Aviation Security Policy “NCASP”, National Civil Aviation Security Quality Control Programme “NCASQCP”, National Civil Aviation Security Training Programme “NCASTP”, Airport Security Plan“ASP”, Training Course Programmes and Standard Operating Procedures “SOPs”.​

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Create World-Class Airport Security  Operation without cost burden to the Airport Authority

Westminster will also plan for developing systems and put actions into operation including looking to the future of Aviation Security, developing disaster recovery and emergency response plans and implement a programme of testing, training and continual improvement.

Aviation Security Training

Training is a vital element of any airport security operation and security teams will require constant training so that they understand and are aware of risks, threats and what their roles and duties are.​

In the initial stages of the contract Trainers/Mentors will be deployed to assess the levels of the security staff and they will provide some emergency training workshops to initially target the identified any assessed weaknesses.

Once these assessments have been competed a full training programme will be developed for all security teams. This training programme will provide a tiered approach to training and will methodically work through the various elements of the training starting initially with GSO training & GSS for the AVSEC staff. All “on the job” and Computer Based Training (CBT) training will be conducted in line with ICAO requirements.

GSAT training will be carried for all persons working at the airport including contract staff such as ground handlers. Westminster will design a training matrix to ensure that all training is recorded in the appropriate manner and refresher training is highlighted at the appropriate times to always remain compliant.

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Create World-Class Airport Security  Operation without cost burden to the Airport Authority

In addition to this specialised training packages will be designed and delivered to specialist security functions such as K9, Cargo, Drivers etc.

Training is a regular and ongoing process and trainers will continue to monitor and mentor the security teams and provide continual workshops and updated threat training to ensure that all security teams remain current in their training.

Risk Assessments & Compliance

Westminster will implement a comprehensive compliance programme covering all aviation security requirements.

An important function of the compliance team will be to regularly carry out Security Audits across the airport and provide detailed reports and Risk Assessments which will then form part of the ever evolving project plan.

Any items that are identified as being an immediate threat will be prioritised and corrective actions put forward in order to minimise the risk. Further issues will then be scheduled into the project plan for implementation at the appropriate stage in the project process.

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Create World-Class Airport Security  Operation without cost burden to the Airport Authority

A key element in aviation security operations is that all processes are properly documented, adhered to and updated as and when necessary to ensure compliance with ever changing international standards.

An important aspect of this is the production of Standard Operating Procedures(SOPs) for all important and critical operations.

The compliance team will undertake a constant review of the Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) and these will be adjusted in line with the ASP and changing international standards and risks.

SOPs should cover all elements of the operation and should be displayed in plain sight at the relevant station to ensure that all staff are aware of their duties and the manner in which they should approach them.

Manpower Provision

The quality of the airport security is tied to the quality of the airport security team.​

Westminster can work with the airport authority to ensure the right caliber of people are selected for the airport security teams. These can either be directly employed by Westminster or through the airport authority, the approach taken with the team is completely flexible and designed to suit to working environment of the airport.​

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Create World-Class Airport Security  Operation without cost burden to the Airport Authority

Whether employed directly by Westminster or not the same level of care and attention will be given to the training and management of the security teams and regular reporting provided to the airport authority on the effectiveness of the security teams.

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