Anti-Drone Systems

Drones used to cause damage and disruption have become evermore prevalent throughout the world.

Terrorists have used them to carry and deploy explosive charges to critical infrastructure sites, causing extensive damage and loss of life.

They have also been used to cause significant disruption at airports and even unintentional drone presence in the airport vicinity, where drones are prohibited, interferes with the airport’s operation, resulting in the shutting down of operations for long periods causing flight delays and lost revenue.

There have been incidents were Drones have been used to deploy contraband items to prisoners.

Drones can also be used to provide surveillance of restricted areas facilitating espionage or the planning of intrusions.

Anti-Drone Systems
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Drone Tracking

Wide area radar systems for tracking multiple potential low flying drone targets with ranges up to 10km for small drones. These systems provide early warnings of a possible drone attack and allow a response to be mounted before the attack happens.

The tracking system can also be integrated into a wider anti-drone defence solution incorporating surveillance cameras and drone inhibiting equipment.

Drone Inhibiting

Drone Inhibiting

Drone Inhibiting systems are designed to disable hostile drones, using radio waves to take the drone down without causing any damage to it. Most drones are designed to return to their home location or simply land, losing contact with their controller. By flooding the control channels, the systems prevent communication with host controllers and thereby initiate this automatic response.

Portable Anti-Drone Solutions

Handheld or vehicle mounted anti drone systems

Fixed Anti-Drone Solutions

These systems are designed to provide a more structured solution to disable hostile drones, they can be erected on a dedicated mast for permanent deployment in the field. They can also be fixed to various mobile platforms, such as vehicles and ships, through special mounting brackets and fixed to buildings such as high-voltage power poles and towers etc.

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