EOD Bomb Disposal Suits

Westminster's EOD Bomb Disposal Suits are designed to withstand the pressure generated by a bomb and any fragments the bomb may produce.

Mine Clearance Vehicles

Westminster's Mine Clearance Vehicles will effectively clear an area of any land mines that may be present. Land mines that the system comes in contact with will be detonated, leaving the ground clear of explosive devices.

Mine & Bomb Disposal Equipment

Equipment for Mine & Bomb disposal purposes such as manipulator arms.

Blast Protection

Glass is extremely dangerous in the event of a terrorist bomb explosion or any other type of explosion. Therefore, it is important that glare and solar hotspots are minimised by the use of Solar Film for the comfort of staff and visitors. Another benefit of Westminster's glass protection is that it can save energy on air conditioning. Westminster can supply a range of Solar & Blast Films and also provide a fitting service if required.

Hook, Line & Search Kits

Westminster's Hook, Line & Search kits are semi-remote techniques used to move suspect devices or gain access into vehicles and buildings. The kits contain pulling lines and specially designed tools.

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