MassScan – Mass Entry Screening System

Body Scanners

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MassScan – Mass Entry Screening System

Body Scanners

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The MassScan Mass Entry Screening System automatically detects contraband items such as explosives, weapons, narcotics, and quantities of currency notes.

The system is ideal for security screening people at sensitive locations such as Airports, Ports, Conferences, Exhibitions, Shopping Malls, Places of Worship, Sporting Facilities, and Public Events.

The system screens multiple people at the same time, without the need to empty pockets or remove coats, making it highly efficient. It allows the free flow of people, ensuring there is no disruption, and improves security while at the same time improving the entire security experience.

MassScan is a non-contact system, safe for both guards and visitors.

The threat type and the location on the person is identified and displayed on hand-held devices so that appropriate action can be taken by the responders.

The system can be integrated with control room systems, CCTV, facial recognition, and other security infrastructure.

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Automatic Contraband Detection

Multiple People Screening

No Impact on People Flow

Detects and Tracks Multiple Threats

Can be integrated with security infrastructure


Electrical - 220 /240V 50 Hz Single Phase, 1.3kW

Throughput - Up to 10,000 persons per hour

Inspection Area (1 Pair Units) 2.2 x 3.0 metres

Dimensions - 75x176x43 cm  

Weight - 2 pillars 300 kg total

Speed of analysis: 10,000 persons per hour real flow

Alarm Trigger: Tracking information, photo of the person and location and type of contraband.

System Configuration: Unidirectional people flow, two-way people flow.

Operating Temperature: 10⁰ C - 40⁰C

Humidity: 5 -90% Non-Condensing

Location: Not to be Exposed to Rain or Snow

Avoid Heavy sources of noise or vibration

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