Security and safety equipment fulfill a vital role in maintaining the safety and security of people, buildings and infrastructure. If follows therefore that to remain  effective, dependable and trouble free such equipment should be regularly and professionally calibrated and maintained.

Maintenance Services

Maintenance is a key part of the functionality of your technical products.

Westminster’s experienced technicians are on hand to provide various cost-effective practices to keep operational equipment performing the required functions during the products life cycle. Testing, inspections, servicing and commissioning are all part of Westminster’s maintenance offering regardless of where the product was purchased from. Westminster is a specialist maintenance provider of Airport Scanning Equipment, Metal Detectors and Explosive Detection Systems. ​

Westminster is able to plan detailed schedules for Planned, Predictive and Condition Based maintenance profiles for your technical equipment. Working closely with clients and customers Westminster’s Engineers will use data-based understandings of the equipment and advise on what schedule will meet the requirements for the products to continue to have the most effective performance. ​

Westminster has a long history of dealing with mission critical equipment with the vast majority being from the cutting edge of technology of its time, that is still true to this day. The upkeep of the products specialist instruments, industry regulations and warranties are paramount to the operational effectiveness and security of the companies that we have serviced for twenty years. ​

Westminster engineer working on a system

“Westminster has a worldwide reputation of providing Excellence through Service”
Stuart Fowler - COO