Maritime Security

Floating Barriers

The floating barriers are designed to deter boats or divers from entering restricted areas.

By providing a physical barrier, the solutions are used extensively to restrain intruding, drifting and disabled vessels, divers, or people who have fallen in the water.

They are, therefore, equally effective for the protection of critical installations and vessels from boat bombers or terrorist craft in a port security role.

  •    Prevention of vessels entering restricted areas
  •    Collecting debris and other objects within the water
  •    Restriction of divers and submersible craft
  •    Protect military establishments and critical infrastructure

Floating Barriers
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Floating Booms

Booms will deter water-born craft from proceeding into restricted areas by providing a physical barrier.

They are available with rotating steel spikes (‘spurs’) to discourage boats from trying to get over the boom by jumping through one of the gaps between the floats.

These booms are also available with a latching system that allows the boom to be opened and closed.

Marine Nets

A floating boom with a attached net system provides access restrictions both above and below the water level.

Marine nets protect sensitive areas from unauthorised access from ships, divers and AUVs.

Marine nets can be designed with access gates which can be raised or lowered remotely, allowing the passage of authorised vessels.

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