Perimeter Security

Perimeter security is the first line of defence

The level of protection afforded to any given building or area is normally determined by the level of risk from intrusion or other criminal activity and ideally will comprise of several different but complimentary ‘layers’ of protection.

In this respect, Perimeter Protection, in its various forms, is the ideal first level of protection; providing both an early warning of attempted intrusion, as well as deterring and/or delaying entry of intruders.

Perimeter Protection is applied to the boundary of the property, be it the external fabric of the building or the boundary fence line in open or border areas.

Perimeter Security
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Most situations would benefit from incorporating a Westminster Perimeter Protection System in addition to any other security measures involved; however, for high-risk and sensitive areas, such as airports, military establishments, international borders, power stations, governmental establishments, nuclear power plants, oil & gas refineries, research establishments, embassies, residential establishments of individuals at risk from kidnap or assassination, banks, or industrial plants, the installation of adequate perimeter security is vital.

In addition, Perimeter Security can be applied to provide an early warning of intrusion or trespassing, and to instigate an alarm or audible safety message warning, etc.

Fence Detection

• Fence mounted systems to detect climbing, cutting

• Can be any length fence from a few meters to tens of kilometres

• Systems can give precise location of the event along the fence

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Buried Detection

• Buried systems can detect the movement of people or vehicles across the ground

• Systems can be buried under or next to a fence or in open ground

• Systems can detect the direction of movement across the system

• Systems can give precise location of the event along the perimeter

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Detection Beams

Beams are a simple way of protecting open areas with a quick invisible detection barrier. Beams can also work in conjunction with other perimeter detection systems for the protection of gates and other breaks in the fence line.


• Ideal to detect open areas where the provision of a physical border is not possible

• Can track targets are they move within the field of the radar

• Can automatically control cctv cameras and other equipment to follow the targets

• Can be used on land and over water – ideal for ports and maritime security to detect targets in the water approaching the facilities

• Perfect for airports to track intruders within the airfield

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