The Westminster Group has extensive experience providing guarding services across a broad spectrum of sectors and services.

Static Guarding

Static Guarding is a vital part of any business that requires a constant security presence. Not only must guards have the relevant qualifications and natural ability to secure premises during overnight deployments but guards are often required to operate as a receptionist or concierge working as the customers' initial interface on site.

Using Westminster own management portal all guarding activities are recorded in real-time including, where appropriate, site visitor & vehicle management reports. All data is available directly to the client through the portal providing a fully transparent operation process and driving billing.
Using iPads Guards will ‘Book on’ when they arrive for their shift and continue to use the system to record site access movement and regular ‘Guard Checks’ until they ‘Book Off’ at the end of their shift.

This process ensures the site is protected at all times and enables the Operations Control Room to monitor Guards throughout their shift.
This control measure gives the client peace of mind that they are receiving a service of the highest quality and it reassures the Guards that they have the full support required.

Remote Area Security

Protecting large remote locations is not typical of any other form of security, because in rural locations with large open areas criminals have a much safer haven to carry out their operations. Even if your installation has video facilities, trespassers know they have the time to elude static cameras and reach their targets. They know too that if an alarm is raised then the longer response time for police or offsite security gives them every opportunity to getaway. With Westminster's Remote Area Security teams on the ground that won't happen. Protecting your property, installations, plant machinery, equipment and employees. On-site and visible, Westminster provides 24-hour protection no matter how remote the location.

Developed initially for the Renewable Energy Sector, Westminster can provide the most effective rural security solution for companies of all types nationwide.Because protecting premises, structures and equipment in rural and remote locations present several unique challenges. Companies choosing to patrol their large outdoor operations must contend with:
• Employing and deploying the appropriate type of Security Officers.
• Getting those Security Officers physically onto the construction site at the allotted times, consistently, and especially so in winter.
• The ground domination of very large areas of remote/rough terrain.
• The impracticality for Contractors to return all plant equipment to the home compound each night.
• Remote crane pads/cabling operations at “delicate” stages.
• Communications and lone worker safety.

Westminster recognises that to be effective on such projects our Security Personnel need to stay on-site. The Security Officers we use for rural security embrace working away Protecting large remote locations is not typical of any other form of security

Event Security

Car Park & Entry Control

Event guarding is a specialist branch of the security industry requiring SIA Licensed security personnel. Operating in a higher risk level environment than Static Guards, the events teams provide an approachable customer focused mode of operation while employing all the necessary skills

Crowd Control & Search

In addition to the physical security require at the event Westminster can also provide search and screening technology such as X-Ray scanners and Metal Detection system which all security teams will be fully trained and certified to use.

With vast experience securing numerous events including weekend dance promotions, concerts, sports events, exhibitions and more, Westminster can provide all the services need to protect your event and your professional reputation.

VIP Escort and Close Protection

Personal safety is not something that should be ignored, Westminster’s specialist teams of security professionals can escort individuals from one location to another if safety is a concern.The Westminster Group provides tailored protection services to your specific requirements to safeguard your properties both at home and abroad. Westminster can plan and then implement a team of trained experts to ensure a 24/7 protection operation meets your needs and enabling you to enjoy your personal, business and private life.

Industry Compliance

Westminster Associations & Certifications

Keyguard UK Limited currently holds SIA Approved Contractor Scheme (ACS) status for the provision of Security Guarding.

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