Chemical Analytes Stationary System

Foods & Liquids Contamination

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Chemical Analytes Stationary System

Foods & Liquids Contamination

The WG Chemical Analytes Stationary System is a versatile reader for the using determination cards that allows for fast, quantitative determination of specific analytes in solution.
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Simple, quantitative monitoring of a wide range of chemical analytes.

All Determination Cards can be read using a single reader, saving money.

Each reading takes 5 to 10 seconds.

Levels are recorded and maintained for future analysis and record-keeping.

Software is simple to use and requires little8 training to get started.

Everything that is needed to get started is included with the reader.


Dimensions: L6½ x W4 x H2 in

Weight : 300 grams (320 grams w/ LCD)

Analysis method: quantitative digital reading of colorimetric cards

Reading time: 5 to 10 seconds

% Error: +/- 7 - 15 %, depending on particular analyte.

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