Dual Mobile Phone & Metal Detector

Walk Through Metal Detection

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Dual Mobile Phone & Metal Detector

Walk Through Metal Detection

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The Dual Mobile Phone & Metal Detector is used to detect unauthorised or illegal mobile phones, tablets, laptops, smartwatches, wearables and weapons, guns and knives.

It allows for a rapid security checkpoint of pockets, bags, purses, clothing and even body cavities.

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Ferromagnetic Contraband Portal (1 pole included as standard) for the quickest & most accurate ferromagnetic inspection security checkpoint

Single pole setup anywhere in under 30 seconds

Lightweight, versatile & all-day battery power

Sealed against the elements for rugged indoor/outdoor use

2nd pole easily untethered to use for additional security checkpoint

Vastly reduced false detection compared to standard metal detectors

Full ferromagnetic security checkpoint zone up to64″ wide by 75″ high


Sensors(8) Ultra-sensitive, sensors (4 per pole) to pinpoint contraband in each zone:

- head/shoulders zone

- chest/waist zone

- thighs/knees zone

- ankles/feet zone

Detection Method - Passive ferromagnetic non invasive inspection is completely safe (no radiation emitted) for pregnant women, pacemakers and any medical implants

Detection Pathway - Diamond-shaped motion sensor formed between pole bases

(Two Pole Setup) - Virtual mat isolates ferromagnetic inspection to only between the 2sensor poles

Synchronization - IR connection and motion sensors tether poles for enhanced false trigger rejection

Horizontal Range - 32 to 64 inches between 2 gated sensor poles, 18 to 32 inches using single sensor pole

Vertical Range - 75 inches (from head to toe)

Power 110 VAC for daily operation and charging of internal battery (3 hours to fully charged) Internal 12 VDC rechargeable battery (sealed gel cell) lasts over 24 hours on a charge

Dimensions - 68″ H x 12″ L x 8″ W (single pole and base unit)

Weight - 17 lbs. fully assembled (single pole)

Setup - Plug and play out of the box with less than 30 seconds from powering up to operation ready Every device contains different amounts of ferrous material, so they do not all trigger from the same distance. The WG SEN Pro will trigger at the high end of the distance range for most every device containing ferrous material.

Security - ON / OFF security keylock for all functions

Sensitivity - 4 Levels (use selectable)

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