Individual Disinfection Cabin


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Individual Disinfection Cabin


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This individual disinfection cabin has been thought to measure the body temperature and at the same time to sanitize people and objects.

Bacteria and viruses are broken down by spraying a cold mist of sanitizing solution that doesn’t dampen clothes or objects thanks to an ultrasound system. The microparticles, generated by a high-frequency piezoelectric vibrator, are conveyed by a forced ventilation duct.

The body temperature of the user is detected by a temperature scanner with a high precision vanadium oxide optic sensor, which detects the face and provides an acoustic and light signal in case the safety threshold is exceeded or the mask is missing.

All the devices have automatic detection or can be controlled remotely with a contactless system so that the user does not touch any surface.

This cabin is also suitable for people in a wheelchair and children, thanks to an automatic sliding system allowing the vertical adjustment of the face/temperature detection terminal.

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Hand sanitisation
Temperature detection
Full body disinfection
Mask detection
Indoor and outdoor use
Lights and acoustic signals
Detection sensors
Anti-slip access ramps

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