Strobe Security Light System

Intruder Detection

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Strobe Security Light System

Intruder Detection

The WG Strobe Security Light System can be deployed as a stand-alone security system or it can be installed with the WG Intruder Security Sound System and/or the WG Intruder Security Fogging System. It provides bright pulses of blue and red to imitate police lighting to disorientate intruders.
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Alarm signal: Positive (10-14 V, 5 mA) or negative inputs (0-0.3 V, 5 mA)

Battery life time: up to 3 years

Battery: 2,500 mAh

Dimensions: L300 x W180 x H45 mm

Efficiency: up to 175 m3 (70 m2 x 2.5m)

Full charge time: up to 8 hours

Power supply: 10-20 VDC, 250mA (12.5 VDC charge)

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