Submersible Linear Marking Rope

Safety & Illumination Markers

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Submersible Linear Marking Rope

Safety & Illumination Markers

The WG Submersible Linear Marking System uses electric energy to produce autonomous, intensely bright linear markings covering long distances, for marking out, guiding and identifying over long periods when visibility is low or zero.
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Standard temperature for use: -20°C / =70°C

Maximum temperature for use: =20 °C (in which case, return to factory for checking)

Recommended tractive force: 100N (10kg)/maximum 200N (20kg)

Nominal radius elbow: 60mm / minimum: 35mm(risk of deterioration)

Usage pressure: up to 20 bars (200m depth)

Lifespan: 1,000 hours or 3 years (under normal conditions)

Line weight: ± 0.035kg/m

Colour: lime (green yellow)Battery pack: LSP

Battery NiMH – 13.2V/4.5A

Maximum battery autonomy: 4to 7 hours depending on line length

Number of cycles: < 500charges

Charge: mains supply 110-220VAC

Minimum charge duration 4 hours (full charge using rapid charger)

Factory return for checking after using 500 times or for 3 years

Weight: air 1,500g / Water 750g

Electric discharge control

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