WG3030 Desktop Liquid Detector

Explosives & Narcotics Detection

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WG3030 Desktop Liquid Detector

Explosives & Narcotics Detection

The WG 3030 Desktop Liquid Detector can safely detect flammable liquids without opening its packaging. It will detect flammable liquids packaged in plastic, glass, ceramics, metal and other packaging materials.
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1-2 seconds Analysis time.

2 seconds self-checking time.

Non-metal or metal container are available, even small size container.

Non-touched Sampling.

Simple interface, easy to understand.

Smart Portable.

USB, internet access, WIFI, RS232.


Detects flammable liquids packaged in plastic, glass, metal, ceramic, paper (but not in no aluminium foil coated materials)

Detects liquid volume in plastic & glass containers 100-5000ml, in metal containers, 100-2000ml

Liquids can be detected in containers 60mmheight 400mm or less, or less 30mm in diameter 200mm or less or less

Start-up time: 3.5 seconds

Self-checking time: 2 seconds

Detection speed: Plastic & glass container 1 to 2 seconds, metal containers 2 to 5seconds

Minimum detectable amount: 100ml

Record storage: Not less than 100,000

Power: 50w

Size - L520mm x W370mm x H200mm

Weight: 8kg

Storage Package Size: - L630mm xW520mm x H370mm GW:11kg

Optional detection mode: Small bottle, regular bottle and special containers

Data transfer: USB, internet access, WIFI,RS232

Relative humidity: 0-99% condensate

Liquid temperature: 0 to -40°C

Warning alarm: Sound, light, LCD screen

Environment temperature: -10°C – 55°C

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