WG IS5335S X-Ray Mail & Small Parcel Scanner

Mail Scanners

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WG IS5335S X-Ray Mail & Small Parcel Scanner

Mail Scanners

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The WG IS5335S is a compact but powerful X-Ray Inspection System that provides more power than any system in its cabinet size.

Capable of fitting through standard doorways, the system’s small footprint allows for easy relocation and installation, while the 160kV generator provides improved detection in small objects, such as bags, backpacks, and mail parcels.

Combined with best-in-class software, the WG IS5335S helps operators quickly identify threats using 6-colour material discrimination and high-contrast filters that provide alternative perspectives on scanned objects.

Superior image quality ensures higher throughput, making the WG IS5335S the ideal space-saving solution for sites that require powerful protection against weapons, narcotics, and contraband.

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6 colour imaging

Colour and black & white  imaging

Geometric image distortion  correction

High penetration function

Organic/ inorganic imaging

Picture perfect

Pseudo colour

Real-time image manipulation

Reverse monochrome

Atomic Z-number measurement

Material discrimination

9 quadrant zoom

Continuous scanning

Continuous zoom up to 64x

Vertical zoom panning

Auto image archiving

Image review

Save image (RGB)

Image annotation

JPEG conversion

Print image capable

Multi-tier accessibility

Network ready

Real-time self diagnostics

Baggage counter

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