WG IS7555R X-Ray Baggage Scanner

Luggage & Parcel Scanners

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WG IS7555R X-Ray Baggage Scanner

Luggage & Parcel Scanners

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The WG IS7555R X-Ray Baggage Scanner is a ruggedized system. Specially designed for outdoor use, an ideal solution for environments such as maritime, deserts and other harsh outdoor conditions.

The frame is completely made of stainless steel, powder coated with a special anti-corrosion formula and bulb-sealed to be water resistant, making it deployable virtually anywhere.

With a tunnel size of 75 cm x 55 cm, it provides maximum object screening with a minimised system profile. It has a standard 180kV generator for heightened penetration and enhanced object recognition.

It is transportable and equipped with shock-absorbing pads to endure rough surfaces. It has been tested in our lab for extreme temperatures and situations. From sandstorms to torrential storms, it has been engineered to last and provide screening under the most rigid extremes.

The Scanner has 6 Colour Imaging, which enables operators to view screened objects in 6 colours, each colour correlating to a specific range of Atomic Z-Numbers.6 Colour Imaging enables operators to achieve optimal material identification which serves to improve throughput.

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6 Colour Imaging

9 Quadrant Zoom

Aluminium Spring-Loaded Casters

Atomic Z-Number Measurement

Auto Image Archiving (150,000)

Baggage Counter

Colour and Black/ White Imaging

Continuous Scanning

Continuous Zoom up to 64x

Geometric Image Distortion Correction

High Penetration Function

Image Annotation

Save Image (RGB)

Image Review

IP52 In Operation

Material Discrimination

Multi-Tier Accessibility

Operator Training Program (OTP)

Organic/ Inorganic Imaging

Picture Perfect

Print Image Capable

Pseudo Colour

Real-Time Image Manipulation

Real-Time Self Diagnostics

Reverse Monochrome

Vertical Zoom Panning

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