Portable Rechargeable Sports Light

Lighting & Torches

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Portable Rechargeable Sports Light

Lighting & Torches

The WG Portable Rechargeable Sports Lighting floodlight is quick and easy to assemble.
£ 967.00 


20,000 lumens

50 metre beams

Adjustable 3 section pole with safety locking pins

Easy to transport and store

Fully rechargeable means no expensive, noisy generator required

Glare free operation

Lightweight aluminium tripod which extends to 3.5metres

Lightweight rechargeable battery pack - easier to carry and store, runs up to 16 hours

No planning permission required

Perfect for outdoor use in all weather

Quick and easy to assemble

Utilise previously unplayable pitches

Optional Accessories

5 Way Multi Charger Li-ion 16.8V

3 x Stability ground pegs

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