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Martyn’s Law

Westminster Group is supporting businesses and organisations with preparations for Martyn's Law, formerly known as Protect Duty.

Will your organisation be affected by Martyn’s Law?

Protect Duty

What is Martyn’s Law

Martyn’s Law is a proposed public space legislation which will set out standards to protect patrons and the general public from terrorist attacks when in crowded spaces. This could include settings such as pubs, shopping centres, music venues, parks, places of worship and any other place where gatherings of people occur.  

The proposed legislation evolved from a campaign by Figen Murray, the mother of Martyn Hett – one of the 22 victims of the 2017 Manchester Arena Bombings – who has since been lobbying for stronger security measures at venues and events to keep the public safe.  

Protect Duty

Who will Martyn’s Law apply to?

Sports Stadiums

Performance Venues

Places of Worship

Theme Parks






Tourist Attractions

Protect Duty

Public Accessible Locations (PAL's)

Martyn’s Law will be the responsibility of Public Accessible Locations (PAL's). These are places to which the public or any section of the public has access, on payment or otherwise, as of right or by virtue of express or implied permission.

Publicly accessible locations include a wide variety of everyday locations such as: sports stadiums; festivals and music venues; hotels; pubs; clubs; bars andcasinos; high streets; retail stores; shopping centres and markets; schools and universities; medical centres and hospitals; places of worship; Government offices; job centres; transport hubs; parks; beaches; public squares and other open spaces.

This list is not exhaustive.

How Westminster Group can help with Martyn’s Law

Knowledgeable Security Experts, with hands on experience

Our team of experts hold a wealth of knowledge and thrive on sharing their experience with clients and ensuring businesses can take the appropriate steps to mitigate terror related incidents at their venues and events

What solutions can Westminster provide?

  • Mass Entry Screening Systems
  • Explosives & Narcotics Detection
  • Mass Casualty / Bleed Kits & Training
  • Online & Classroom Based Training
  • Manpower
  • Risk Assessments & Process
  • Emergency Planning & Preparedness
  • Emergency Scenario Training

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