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Governments, organisations, businesses and infrastructure across the globe face an ever-growing need for effective security solutions.

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Critical Infrastructure

Critical Infrastructure includes facilities for generating electricity and its distribution, oil & gas distribution, water supplies, agriculture, transport, tunnels, bridges, health provision, financial and security services, among others.​

Facilities of this nature are required to be prominently protected at all times. A breach of security or an infiltration attack can result in disruption of operational output, decline in revenue streams and possibly loss of life.

Risks and threats include natural disasters such as earthquakes, severe weather and flooding, as well as sabotage, civil unrest, war and terrorism.​

Attacks on Critical Infrastructure can take the form of physical attacks to Buildings and people, or electronic attacks, either internally or via internet-facing computer-based networks.​

Critical Infrastructure can be protected using a wide range of Westminster’s solutions including Perimeter Security, CCTV Surveillance Systems, Intruder Detection, Access & Entry Control, Leak Detection and Ground Based Radar to prevent unauthorised access and malicious damage.​

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Signalling cables running alongside railway lines and power cables are a common target of theft, the result of which could have severe repercussions – Westminster has solutions available which can be deployed for the protection of such assets.​

Water distribution could be a target for terrorist activity and so should be protected accordingly.​

The physical elements of Critical Infrastructure are often located in remote areas and as a result are particularly at risk from Fire. Fire Detection and Suppression solutions help to protect personnel and property from the dangers associated with the outbreak of fire; whilst Temperature Sensing and Strain Gauge Sensing are used to monitor the environment within critical facilities.​

In a world where electronic attacks are becoming ever more wide spread, we can provide a range of solutions for Cable & Network Security to protect valuable systems and computer data from misuse or sabotage.

Borders & Pipelines

Insecure Borders can also lead to more severe issues such as insurrection, incursion and terrorist activity.​

In order for Governments to protect the nation state and their citizens it is vitally important that they control their Borders effectively. However, this can often present quite a challenge as Borders may run for hundreds if not thousands of kilometres through varying and sometimes hostile terrain.​

Westminster can provide a wide range of Border Security solutions for the surveillance, detection and screening of persons crossing national land, sea or air Borders together with bespoke Border crossing solutions involving Checkpoint Screening of persons, goods, occupied cars and large trucks with seafreight containers.​

We can provide products that enable accurate and effective Vehicle Scanning and People Scanning to screen any type of traffic crossing the Border. Routine inspections to control the flow of drugs and immigration can be performed using Drugs and Explosives Detectors, Passport & Document Authentication and Search Equipment including Under-Vehicle Inspection.​

We can can assist with the provision of High Security Border Fencing and solutions to physically prevent illegal crossing by people or vehicles whilst our specialised Border Detection systems and Long Range Surveillance equipment can detect, monitor and track anyone attempting to enter the country illegally.​

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In addition, Aerostats, Drones, UAV’s and Radar systems can be deployed to track intruders or airborne crossings, whilst specialist Marine Radar, Sonar and Small Craft Detection systems can be deployed to monitor sea or waterway access.​

Border security force Training and supply of Security Vehicles or Coastguard Patrol Craft are all part of our broad range of Border Security services.​

By developing an integrated Border Security solution, Westminster can provide countries with powerful Border control capabilities, regardless of length, complexity or terrain.​

Oil & Gas

Whether an incident is due to an accident, a natural disaster, theft or terrorist activity the results can be catastrophic both financially and ecologically.​

Increasing prices and surging worldwide demand coupled with increased criminal and terrorist activity means that protection of these vital assets is now more important than at any time in the past and the complex and extended supply chain network means protecting them is particularly challenging. Oil & Gas installations and storage facilities extend over large areas, often in remote and hostile regions and can encompass both onshore and offshore facilities, each with their own security risks.​

Where pipelines run through sensitive areas or over long distances in remote, hostile territory, conventional monitoring and protection methods can be stretched beyond effective limits.​

The Westminster Acoustic Fibre Optic Pipeline Security System (AFOPSS) is designed to protect gas, oil and other utility pipeline distribution networks and their remote facilities by providing an early warning of leaks, illegal taps, excavations and intruders which could pose a potential threat.​

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It is therefore sensible to take a holistic view of the security threats facing the entire network and design security solutions to limit risk accordingly, paying particular attention to areas of high risk, such as terminals or where pipelines converge, where an attack can cause massive disruption to the entire infrastructure. Adequate security will ensure business continuity and avoid costly disruptions with minimum recovery time.​

We can provide expert Risk Analysis giving security guidance on Oil & Gas networks covering production plants, pipeline infrastructure, pumping stations, terminals and even shipping.​

We have a wide range of specialist Fire and Security solutions for the protection of Oil & Gas production facilities including Intrinsically Safe detection and surveillance, Perimeter Security, Entry Control, Fire Detection and Suppression.​

Offshore platforms offer unique security risks, we have a wide range of solutions such as Marine Radar and Sonar Detection, Floating Barriers, Diver Disruption Systems, Fast Craft Detection, Autonomous Underwater Surveillance, together with other security measures, such as, Scanning and Screening Systems for people and baggage arriving on the platform and Persons On-board Monitoring (POB), etc.​

Pipeline networks are particularly vulnerable and the protection of both land based and sub-aqua pipelines against sabotage, illegal tapping, and terrorist action is a high priority in all countries, particularly in times of heightened tension and reliance on energy but until now this has been notoriously difficult to achieve effectively.​

We have a range of advanced pipeline detection solutions for the protection of entire pipeline networks be they below ground, above ground or under water (sub-aqua), capable of detecting any 3rd party activity (TPI) or leaks whatever the cause. The systems are capable of protecting thousands of kilometres of pipeline in one seamless integrated solution and can be interfaced with other systems to provide a common Control and Command system covering the whole infrastructure.​

Pipelines from offshore facilities or running between land masses are uniquely vulnerable to covert attack from divers or submersibles. We can supply a range of advanced sub-aqua Sonar and Diver Disruption Systems which can be installed at strategic positions along the pipeline and which are capable of detecting and tracking any approaching diver.​

Oil and Gas supply vessels are also at risk from hijack or terrorist attack, we can supply advanced Tracking and Surveillance systems, as well as specialised systems to deter piracy and illegal boarding, such as Acoustic Disruption Systems. We can also provide highly trained protection teams to escort and protect such vessels in risk areas.​

Prisons & Detention Centres​

Because of this it is of paramount importance for staff, detainees and visitors be provided with the most reliable and effective security measures possible.​

Due to the large amount of time prisoners spend confined to one place, grievances will often build up until they are unleashed through violent attacks against individuals or large scale riots.​

The likelihood of violent reprisals following these incidents mean that staff have to be able to quickly restore order to minimise the risk to everyone within the facility.​

The external integrity of correctional facilities must be maintained at all times to prevent those incarcerated from escaping, or external accomplices from providing an escape route for them.​

Drugs and weapons are highly sought after by many incarcerated people and the traffic of them both within the imprisoned population and from outside must be prevented.​

We can provide a range of effective Perimeter Security Fencing, Gates & Barriers, Turnstiles and Access & Entry Control solutions to control the flow of people moving in and out of the premises, as well as within facilities themselves. Those moving within and around the facility can be closely monitored using a wide range of Surveillance systems. Any physical breach of security will be identified by our Perimeter and Intruder Detection Systems, which allow for the rapid response of security personnel.​

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We can also provide a range of Protective Equipment for Prison & Detention Centre personnel, including Anti-Stab and Bullet-proof Body Armour, Riot Shields, Batons and Staff Protection Systems etc.​

In the event of having to control a large number of people, we can also provide Riot Control Vehicles and Rapid Deployment Barriers in order to provide a quick and secure method of containment in external settings.​

To restrict the flow of weapons and narcotics we can provide X-Ray Scanning, Walk Through Metal Detectors, Body & Orifice and Shoe Scanning solutions that allow all personnel entering and exiting the prison environment to be thoroughly screened for Weapons, Explosives and Narcotics.​

Prisons and Detention Centres present special problems in terms of fire precautions; these have an added significance due to the high incidence of fires in prisons during times of unrest.​

Westminster can provide a complete range of Fire Detection, Suppression and Threat & Evacuation solutions to ensure that staff, visitors and inmates are as safe as possible in the advent of a Fire or any other incident requiring evacuation.​

Public Address Systems allow all inhabitants of correctional facilities to be provided with immediate, direct communication, whether general announcements and information, or emergency procedures.

Embassies & Government Buildings​

This is particularly so for Governments with ongoing military operations or for whom activist groups wish to create change by violent means. Successful attacks or damage to an embassy are often seen as a symbolic act against that country.​

Attacks on Embassies are a common occurrence often resulting in loss of life such as the American Embassy bombings of Tanzania, Kenya & Yemen, the Australian Embassy bombing in Jakarta and the Embassy sieges in the U.K., Sweden and Colombia, as well as violent demonstrations and attacks on Embassies in the Middle East, all of which demonstrate the international danger to Embassy staff and property.​

Westminster has a wide portfolio of products and services for the protection of Embassies and Embassy staff including solutions for CCTV Surveillance both externally and internally of the buildings, Access Control & ID systems such as Advanced Door Locks, ID Scanners and Biometric Security; and Entry Control encompassing Turnstiles, Gates, Crash Proof Barriers and Bollards, X-Ray Baggage Scanners and Walk Through Metal Detectors to detect weapons and explosives, Intruder Detection systems can also be deployed to detect unauthorised access in secure areas.​

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Staff can monitor the surroundings of an Embassy using our Perimeter Surveillance systems, in which fencing can have fibre optic-based solutions to detect any attempt to cut or climb the fence this would be intergrated with the CCTV system to provide verification and tracking of the intruder.​

Personnel can be protected with Staff Protection Systems including Staff Attack alarms, Armoured vehicles, and Ballistic & Blast-Proof Doors. In the event of a serious incident, Threat and Evacuation Systems allow staff to be safely removed from the area of danger; a range of Panic and Safe Rooms can be installed to provide protection when evacuation is not possible.​

Blast Protection solutions help to protect the structure and occupants of the Embassy, whilst Anti-blast Film can protect people and property from flying glass, which is the cause of 90% of injuries from bomb-blasts.​

Personal Tracking Systems allow staff to be monitored globally, so that in the event of their being taken hostage or attacked security staff can be alerted to their whereabouts immediately. Training programmes in Hostage and Kidnap Awareness help to minimise the chances of personnel putting themselves in situations where this is likely to happen.​

As with all buildings, the risk of Fire in Embassies can be managed by Fire Prevention, Detection and Suppression systems. All of these solutions combined will help to ensure the safety of Embassy staff and property.

Banking & Financial Sector​

Security for the banking industry posses a series of unique challenges and presents one of the biggest security threats from theft.

The threat and notion of bank robberies has become less frequent as the advancement in physical security has increased and exploitation of cyber theft has become more prevalent. That said the rewards of an attack on a financial institution are still very high which makes them an attractive target. At Westminster, we have a proven track record and valuable experience in providing a wide range of products and detailed expertise to mitigate against the effects of physical attacks on the banking sector. ​​

​Westminster’s experience is wide ranging throughout the banking sector, particular focus of this experience has been gained in emerging markets where the threat of attack is still a constant prospect. One such institution that engaged with Westminster was the Bank of Sudan and their new headquarters building in the capital, Khartoum. Westminster was awarded the prestigious contract to provide the extensive security systems and equipment required to protect the new Headquarters Building against both criminal and terrorist attacks. ​​

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Westminster has an extensive portfolio of services and equipment as part of our solutions that include: ​​

  • Intruder Detection Systems ​​
  • Perimeter Detection Systems ​​
  • X-Ray Baggage Scanners ​​
  • CCTV surveillance ​​
  • Control & Command Suite ​​
  • Security Consultancy ​​
  • Security Guard Provision and Training ​​
  • Walk Through Metal Detection ​​
  • Security Monitoring and Maintenance ​​

​Westminster has an advantage of working with an extensive network of suppliers and manufacturers to ensure a variety of the best cutting-edge technology is available. A key focus of Westminster’s approach to security in the financial sector is the integration of its solutions into the existing security matrix the facility has. Westminster works closely with its clients as a trusted partner detailing the processes required to have a fluid working platform that is secure and robust enough to mitigate against the threat the banking industry lives under.

Police & Law Enforcement​

It is vital that the Police and Law Enforcement agencies are adequately equipped to deal with a diverse range of incidents, emergencies and crimes.​

They are also in the front line in the fight against international terrorism and need to be provided with advanced intelligence gathering and technological equipment to detect and defeat such threats before serious loss occurs.​

An increasing trend in many parts of the world is attacks against officers with knives, bricks, bottles or firearms, and Governments, Police authorities and Law Enforcement agencies have a duty of care to ensure officers are adequately equipped with suitable equipment to protect them.​

We can provide a range of Protective Equipment for police personnel, including Anti-Stab and Bullet-proof Body Armour, Riot Shields, Batons, etc. In the event of having to police a large number of people, we can provide Riot Control Vehicles and Rapid Deployment Barriers in order to provide a quick and secure method of containment.​

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Surveillance of individuals and groups suspected of being involved in criminal activity is an essential element of modern policing. With the advent of advanced CCTV surveillance systems the police have a far more reliable tool to aid detection and conviction. However, CCTV can only be truly effective when set-up correctly and footage can be reliably accessed, stored and processed.​

Town and city-wide Surveillance systems are now becoming an accepted feature around the world with citizens welcoming the additional security and protection provided by such systems. Westminster has extensive experience in the provision of complex systems of this nature, including the provision of transmission networks and the construction and operation of Control & Command systems.​

Network-based analysis of large-scale CCTV systems can also be deployed to track movement of people and vehicles, utilising advanced technologies such as Video Analytics and Auto-Number Plate Recognition systems.​

Communication Interception of GSM/Mobile devices, telephones, internet and fax machines is now widely deployed by Law Enforcement agencies for monitoring suspects and organised crime. To assist monitoring and crime prevention, a range of Surveillance Equipment, Tracking Systems and Interception Systems are available together with the wide range of intelligence gathering solutions we can provide recognised and bona-fide Police and Law Enforcement agencies.​

Tracking Systems can be rapidly and covertly deployed on vehicles, containers and even sown into clothing for personal tracking of suspects or undercover operatives worldwide.​

Westminster can supply a wide range of Scanning and Detection equipment to court rooms, Police stations, Law Enforcement agencies, Government facilities, Schools and Hospitals, etc; which are increasingly required to counter threats in such establishments.​

We also offers a range of specialist and bespoke Blast Protection Systems to protect vehicles from ballistic and mine threats, as well as systems to provide Blast Protection to walls, rooms and even machinery, etc. We also provides Training Programmes relating to a range of security and safety skills, including those related to Explosive Devices.​

Products & Systems

Perimeter Protection

Perimeter Protection, in its various forms, is the first level of protection for any building or compound; providing both an early warning of attempted intrusion as well as deterring and/or delaying entry of intruders.

Most situations would benefit from incorporating a Westminster Perimeter Protection System in addition to any other security measures involved

Pipeline Protection

Preventing or detecting leaks caused by corrosion, environmental or malicious damage is a major challenge to gas, oil and  water pipeline operators faced with ever tighter regulations worldwide.

Where pipelines run through sensitive areas or over long distances in remote, hostile territory, conventional monitoring and protection methods can be stretched beyond effective limits.

No solution works without adequate training

Westminster's Training Courses

From the initial consultation, curriculum development, review, delivery and assurance through to on-going refresher training and up-skilling, Westminster believe the quality of the training delivered and received is directly reflected in the confidence and ability of the workforce.

Guarding & Other Services


Changes whether it be crisis management, or the security environment Westminster’s Team of experienced consultants are there to deliver expert advice and deliver solutions at pace. Irrespective of your organisational footprint, Government or SME, Public or Private, Westminster’s professional practice possess a knowledge advantage in particular fields of security and safety. ​

Guarding Services

Static Guarding is a vital part of any business that requires a constant security presence.
Not only must guards have the relevant qualifications and natural ability to secure premises during overnight deployments but guards are often required to operate as a receptionist or concierge working as the customers initial interface on site.

Vehicle & K9 Patrols

The Westminster Group has extensive experience providing guarding services across a broad spectrum of sectors and services, including the provision of vehicle & K9 patrols

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