An automated system allowing the user to pass fast and seamlessly whilst maintaining security.

Westminster are able to provide a range of Automatic Border Control solutions

eGate Border Control Systems

Automated border control systems, eGates as they are commonly called, are automated self-service checkpoints that use the biometric data stored in modern passports to verify the identity of those passing through a checkpoint. The most common use for eGates is within passport control at an airport but eGates are suitable for many more applications.

The e-Gate solution is provided with a Remote Monitoring Console that allows the local immigration officers to manage multiple e-Gates and also monitor them from remote locations.

A Modular Solution

An automated system allowing the user to pass fast and seamlessly whilst maintaining security.

  • Optical Passport scanning, e-Passport and fingerprint readers, facial recognition and Contactless Smartcard options

  • Anti-spoofing, live detection and anti-tailgating security

  • Unique identity code for each user and receipt slip printing

  • Automated man-trap detention capabilities (2 door)

  • Dedicated management console and visual displays

Modular Hardware

By utlising a completely flexible and ugradable modular architecture Westminster’s e-Gate solution can be tailored to meet the exact requirements of the project and be fully able to cope with future requirements and technology progression.

Handheld Terminals

Handheld eGate user interrogation terminals allow security teams to inspect the ID documents of eGate users and verify the users identity and usage history of the eGate system.

ID Registration Kiosks

The ID registration kiosks allow eGate user to register on the system and verify their identity at leasure before entering the eGates themselves, thereby speeding up the process and ensuring less holdup and identification failures.