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Aviation Security – Human Resources
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Aviation Security – Human Resources

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Aviation security staff from all entities must be recruited in accordance with the mandated legislative requirements.

HR Staff who are responsible for recruitment, working directly for an AvSec entity or a third party recruitment agency and who work within HR departments responsible for obtaining, collating, processing or inspecting documentation should be trained to meet and comply with legal requirements.

Aviation security recruitment requirements apply to staff in the following areas;

  • Airports
  • Airlines
  • Cargo - Regulated Agents & Known Consignors
  • In-Flight Supplies & Airport Supplies - Regulated Suppliers & Known Suppliers
Aviation Security – Human Resources
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About this course

The course will ensure that HR staff and personnel involved with recruitment and vetting for AvSec entities, either directly or as a third party recruitment agency are able to follow and comply with the mandatory requirements within EU and UK legislation.

Knowledge gained from this course will give staff the ability to implement the legislative requirements that comply with Aviation Security HR regulations. It will also provide an understanding of the “Insider Threat” and how to manage it to assist aviation entities with their security arrangements to ensure effective mitigations measures are implemented.

1 day
Westminster - Banbury or your location
Course content

The course covers the following mandatory requirements:

  • Regulatory  requirements, legislation & compliance
  • International legal framework
  • Role of the AvSec HR staff
  • Background checks, CRCs / CTCs
  • Certificate of disregard
  • The application form
  • Referencing
  • Proof of identity and address and right to work in the UK
  • The insider threat
  • Quality assurance
  • Auditing AvSec HR files
Eligibility Criteria

Before you can receive any aviation security training you must have successfully completed a background check that your employer must carry out. Once your employer has provided us with written confirmation that this has been completed, you can receive joining instructions to complete the training.

Course Dates

Course dates can be flexible to meet operational commitments and can be delivered at your location if required to reduce your costs.

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