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Ground Security Operative (GSO) - Initial
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Ground Security Operative (GSO) - Initial

Our Courses

Effective, quality and compliant training is essential to your aviation operation. We design our AvSec courses to ensure they meet all requirements set by ICAO, the EU and are fully compliant with the DfT / CAA syllabi within the National Aviation Security Programme (NASP).

They are uniquely developed and delivered using experts with vast experience and operational knowledge from the aviation security industry. They focus on the first principles of aviation security and provide the industry and its’ staff with the relevant learning required at each level to enhance procedures and comply with requirements.

All courses focus on the current security climate and heightened threat levels, analysing the motivations and strategies which have been used against aviation in the past and providing relevant knowledge and skills, enhancing the ability to implement effective mitigation measures to reduce the risk of future attacks on aviation.

All courses utilise the operational knowledge of our trainers from across the industry and are conducted in an interactive practical style, encouraging discussion and developing best practices.

All training can be individually adapted to meet your locations exact training needs and incorporate all national requirements. Also delivered at your location to reduce logistic and administrative costs.

Ground Security Operative (GSO) - Initial
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About this course

Our Ground Security Officer course will provide a foundation of knowledge and skills to your staff and ensure they are prepared for the operational challenges they encounter within your organisation.

Following the new DfT syllabus, our GSO course will provide you with the knowledge and guidance to enable you to effectively implement security controls at any airport, ensuring compliance with national and international regulatory requirements.

1 - 5 days
Westminster - Banbury or your location
Course content
  • The threat to aviation
  • Recognition of firearms & explosives
  • Controlling access points to Airside, SRA and CPSRA
  • Preparing people for security checks
  • Screening of baggage (cabin and hold) and items carried, including searching by hand
  • Screening and searching of airport supplies
  • Searching by hand of passengers and staff
  • Using liquids testing equipment
  • Using Explosive Trace Detection (ETD) equipment
  • Screening and searching by Security Scanners, Walk Through Metal Detectors (WTMDs) or Hand Held Metal Detectors (HHMDs) of passengers and staff
  • Searching and / or patrolling areas required by regulation
  • Searching/ protection of aircraft
  • X-ray Training on all equipment including National X-ray Competency Test (NXCT)
Eligibility Criteria

Before you can receive any aviation security training you must have successfully completed a background check that your employer must carry out. Once your employer has provided us with written confirmation that this has been completed, you can receive joining instructions to complete the training.

If you are a sole trader please contact us and we will provide you with the necessary self-declaration.

Course Dates

Course dates can be flexible to meet operational commitments and can be delivered at your location if required to reduce your costs. Duration will depend on modules required.

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