Analogue Addressable Fire Detection

Analogue Addressable Fire Alarm Detection Systems differ from conventional systems in a number of ways and add more flexibility, intelligence, speed of fire identification and precise location, scope of control and additionally ease of installation and modification to existing systems.

For these reasons Analogue Addressable Fire Alarm Systems are the natural choice for larger premises and more complex system requirements.

In an analogue addressable system detectors, call points, sounders and other devices etc are wired in a loop around the building with each device having its own unique ‘address’.  The system may contain one or more loops depending upon the size of the system and design requirements.

The Fire Control Panel carries out a constant polling routine in which each device is interrogated in a programmed sequence. Each Detector responds with a status report ‘Healthy’, ‘Pre-Alarm’ ‘In Alarm’ or ‘In Fault’. Detector alarm or fault conditions are displayed on the panel indicating the precise location of any detector.

Analogue Addressable systems can give advance warning of a developing hazard and pinpoint the individual device raising the alarm. It is possible to follow the spread or progress of a fire as individual detectors report conditions in their area and this could allow a phased evacuation and precise direction of fire-fighting teams.

Alarm indication devices such as Sounders and Strobes are also wired on the loop, each with their own unique address, they are individually programmed at the fire control panel to activate on certain conditions ‘cause and effect’ i.e. local fire detectors in fire condition or detectors on floors below or adjacent in alarm condition etc.

Intrinsically Safe Analogue Addressable system devices are available for installation in hazardous areas defined by BS EN 600079. Such as where an explosive mixture of air and gas or vapour is, or may be present continuously, intermittently or as a result of an accident.

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