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Evolv Express

Westminster is an Approved partner for the Evolv Express® Mass Screening Solution

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Evolv Express

Entry Screening, reinvented

Westminster partnership with Evolv and their world leading AI technology screening solution modernises the way mass screening takes place.

Evolv Express® is the first and only touchless security screening solution that meets all post-pandemic security screening requirements. Through the fusion of high-speed sensors and proprietary AI software, Evolv Express® identifies threats in real-time without requiring visitors to stop, empty pockets, or remove bags.  Express is 10x faster and far more accurate than metal detectors.

Faster Screening removes associated screening risks such as bottlenecks. Evolv Express is CPNI approved for screening in the UK.

The proposed legislation evolved from a campaign by Figen Murray, the mother of Martyn Hett – one of the 22 victims of the 2017 Manchester Arena Bombings – who has since been lobbying for stronger security measures at venues and events to keep the public safe.  

Faster Mass Security Screening

10X Faster Entry. Significant Cost Savings

  • Frictionless flow up to 10X faster and up to 70% less cost than metal detectors
  • Evolv detects weapons and ignores harmless items
  • Touchless walk through without dispossessing bags and personal items
  • Screen 3,600 people per hour (dual     Lane or 1,800 for Single Lane)

CPNI Approved
Flexible Configuration
Indoor & Outdoor Use
CPNI Approved
Flexible Configuration
Indoor & Outdoor Use
Evolv Express

Advanced AI that can differentiate personal items from threats

When a potential threat is detected by the system,Realtime image aided alarms show where the potential threat is located. This greatly reduces the amount of physical contact required and allows securityguards to act quickly and efficiently.

Evolv also becomes smarter over time as new threatprofiles are discovered. So teams can keep improving their venue security,learning from the past and planning for the future

Sports Stadiums

Evolv completes the fan experience at sports stadiums, allowing fans to make their way to their seats or concessions quickly and smoothly without delays

Ticket Venues

With the ability to screen 3,600 per system, Evolv will revolutionise entry into ticketed venues – without causing delay

Galleries, Museums & Exhibitions

Evolv is unobtrusive and customisable in design, making seamless entry into your venue fast and easy, without detracting from the experience

Events and Festivals

The all weather Evolv express is easy to install and use. It can be deployed quickly and screens quickly without compromise

Evolv Express – The New Standard in Mass Screening and Threat Detection

Passive Screening

No need to empty pockets or divest – unless indicated.

High Flow

Increased visitor entry, improves flow and user experiencewithout compromising on security

Targeted Detection

Visual alarm on screen  – clear identifying the location of the identified threat

Improved User Experience

Seamlesslyscreen up to 3,600 visitors per hour as they enter with the flow, without stopping

High Visibility

Can be placed in an overt location to deter those carrying mass casualty weapons.  

Easy to operate

Intuitive system allows for ease of use and industry leading identification of threats

Reduced Operating Cost

Up to 70% less security personnel required per entrance. Allowing for re-allocation to other areas

Improved Operational Insights

Use in built analytics to understand arrival curves, threat types, alarm rates, and more

Easy to Relocate

Easily relocated, no standing time once in place.

Buying Evolv Express

Fully Flexible Buying/ Hire Options

Outright Ownership

  • Buy outright, via a one time payment

  • Or split the payment over 4 years


  • Lease the Evolv Express by paying monthly or annually


  • Short and long term hire of the Evolv Express system. 

Price Per Ticket

  • Pay nothing up front, but take part in our innovative Price Per Ticket Solution.

  • Risk Free, cost is added per ticket

  • Price calculated based on expected visitor numbers

Mass Screening in the UK

Evolv Express – It’s out there already

Evolv Express is being used at multiple locations throughout the UK.

Thousands of people are being screened by Evolv on a daily basis.