Car, Bus, Truck & Container X-Ray Scanning Portal

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Car, Bus, Truck & Container X-Ray Scanning Portal

Vehicle & Container Scanners

The WG Car, Bus, Truck & Container X-Ray Scanning Portal is a drive through state-of-the-art dual-energy X-ray scanner for the detection of contraband, explosives, narcotics, people, weapons and checking cargo compliance to manifest documentation. This system is suitable for X-Ray Screening the majority of public road traffic.
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The system produces X-ray images of the scanned vehicles in two projections, vertical downward and horizontal. The two projections significantly improve the detection capabilities, presenting the operator with two images of a suspicious object, it also eliminates possible blind spots.

Dual X-Ray Generators - The system utilises a 7.5 MeV X-Ray Generator for x-ray screening containers whilst a 320 KeV X-ray generator is used for safely screening the passenger area of the vehicles.

Penetration - The 7.5 MeV X-Ray Generator will penetrate steel up to 320 mm of above 10 km/h.

Dual-Energy Imaging – The system utilises automatic colour-coding for material separation, distinguishing between organic, non-organic and metallic materials. This assists the operator to identify dangerous objects from among the various materials present

Radiation Safety – The system utilises low-radiation-dose technologies, in combination with the effective X-ray safety system, ensuring safety for vehicle drivers, system operators and bystander.

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