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Westminster’s CEO “delighted” at Fever Screening & Sanitiser Stations contract with leading global investment management corporation.

Westminster has been awarded a contract to provide a leading global investment management corporation with a range of fever screening and safety equipment to be deployed in its worldwide offices as part of their ‘Return to Work’ programme. The contract, valued at $665,000 USD, includes the provision of a range of fever screening systems covering different applications together with sanitisation stations for 85 offices in 37 countries around the world.

Speaking about the award Westminster’s CEO Peter Fowler expressed his delight. He commented….

“Westminster is a trusted brand in the provision of fever screening and associated equipment, having been supplying such equipment for many years. Since the COVID-19 outbreak we have seen a significant increase in demand for our services and have been assisting companies and organisations around the world with their screening and safety requirements. This is all the more likely now as countries around the world begin to ease restrictions and businesses and organisations look to put measures in place to enable a safe return to work. I am delighted therefore that Westminster has been selected to provide screening and sanitisation solutions to one of the world’s leading investment management companies, which is a testament to Westminster’s global reach.”

Westminster continues to work with its global client base in their quest to get back to work as restrictions ease providing expertise, solutions and cutting-edge technology to meet their bespoke requirements.

Diversity of Clients, Product Portfolio Growth and Return to Work Marketing

Westminster’s diverse global client network has been engaging throughout the COVID-19 pandemic seeking solutions to meet their bespoke requirements. The Product Portfolio has had to stay up with overwhelming demand to ensure the offerings meet the requirements. Although Westminster’s global reach is extensive a drive to expand the customer database is in full swing. Exciting times continue and there is more to come.

The multitude of clients have contacted Westminster for expert advice and product solutions. It has been invigorating to see the trust placed in Westminster from both returning customers and new clients to provide them with the tools to move forward in these challenging times. A diverse array of market sectors including global financial institutions, governmental agencies, exhibition centres and another Super Bowl winning NFL team are amongst this week’s clients. Four NFL Super Bowl winning teams have now sought out Westminster to provide them with fever detection systems to help stop the spread of the COVID-19 virus. The teams spread right across the US from east coast to west and are some of the biggest names in the sport.

The demand for different products to meet different needs has been widespread, Westminster has put in place measures to investigate a number of possibilities that will enhance its product portfolio and offering with a focus on solutions that can integrate into customers’ existing security and safety measures. New thermal cameras, mobile testing pods and sanitising equipment have recently been added to the portfolio and the sourcing continues daily to ensure our customers have what they need.

A Get Back to Work marketing campaign has recently been circulated with significant success, further campaigns are about to be released. The outreach Westminster has to its clients is quite astonishing but the drive to expand this outreach is a key component of the growth plan the business has. Further to this a very exciting new marketing platform is being discussed at advanced stages with the aim of taking the Westminster brand and it capabilities to a wider audience. More to follow..

Westminster’ aviation security training operations graded as ‘Outstanding’ in all areas audited by UK Civil Aviation Authority (CAA)


As part of the CAA’s Aviation Security Quality Assurance Framework, aviation security training providers must regularly undergo audits and achieve pre-determined grades in order to be registered with the CAA and only CAA registered training providers may deliver Department for Transport (DfT) Aviation Security Training.

In its recent audit by the CAA Westminster were graded as ‘Outstanding’ in all areas audited, providing confidence to our customers of our exacting standards.

Commenting on the achievement Westminster’s Training and Compliance Director, Paul Morton, said:

“This is a truly ‘outstanding’ result from an outstanding team. I am extremely proud of the dedication and continuous commitment shown by our team in this achievement. It is a reflection of the professionalism that all Westminster staff continue to show and is a testament to our commitment to provide our colleagues and clients in the aviation industry with the full support they need to get through current restrictions and beyond.”

“Return to Work” with Professional Fever Screening Solutions


Westminster as a leading provider of fever screening and safety equipment around the world is currently facing heavy demand for its services.

Most countries, including the UK, are examining measures to ease restrictions and a number of companies are sourcing solutions to improve the safety for their employees and customers alike. Westminster is quickly becoming the ‘go to’ company for professional advice, technology and products related to fever screening and safety equipment.

Amongst Westminster’s recent contract wins is an order for fever screening products and combined fever screening and sanitiser dispensing units many of which are designed with facial recognition applications. This particular order was for a Global Investment Management company in order to equip their offices for a planned return to work at locations in London, Edinburgh, Budapest and the USA.

For further infomation on Westminsters products and services please click here.

Covid-19 The New Kind Of “Normal”


As noted on previous news articles Westminster has been inundated from its global network of clients and beyond for advice, products and services to aid in defeating the spread of the Covid-19 virus, there is little or no sign of this interest in these solutions slowing down. The current hot topic of conversation is the need for fever screening devices in the work place as the global population looks to emerge from lockdown restrictions and return to a new kind of “normal”.

Right from the start of the Covid-19 pandemic Westminster has been supplying solutions to customers from the four corners of the world, a diverse range of existing clients and new from numerous market sectors including international cruise ports, aviation logistics and the construction industry. Westminster has a wide range of cutting-edge technology at various price points to ensure that there is a fit for purpose solution for all businesses regardless of size and stature.

Fever detection/screening equipment has been a real focus of our clients requirements from mass crowd screening to individual detection, it is expected that this requirement will continue to grow as industry and commercial sectors prepare to place systems and processes in order to get back to work. Westminster is continuing to work alongside its global clients helping make that transition back to work as well ordered as possible.

Covid-19 Fever Detection Technology Requirement for American Sports Teams and Casinos


As the continued unprecedented levels of enquiries for Covid-19 Fever Detection Products is showing little or no sign of slowing down, Westminster has been engaging with a number of household names within the National Leagues of sport in the United States.

An order for WG 320 Dual Metal and Fever Detection Walk Through by a multiple NFL Super Bowl winning side was placed this week with a view to a further purchase dependent on integration and operational processes. This sale was followed up by an enquiry and sale indication from a recent consecutive winner of the NBA Finals.

US Casinos who thrive on footfall have also entered into discussions and sales with Westminster about products that can provide fever screening and security as they look to put in place measures to get back to business as soon as restrictions are lifted.

The US Sports and Casino businesses highlight the reach Westminster has via its client network and web platforms, a truly global audience has sought advice, purchased products and trusted Westminster to provide solutions to Detect, Mitigate and Defeat the spread the Covid-19 pandemic.

Keyguard expands Guarding Contracts

Keyguard UK Ltd., a division of the Westminster Group Plc., has expanded its guarding contracts at Stanton Cross, a £1 billion pound development project situated in the heart of Northamptonshire on the eastern edge of the historic town of Wellingborough. Once complete, it will provide more than 3,650 new homes together with 1.5 million sq ft of industrial, leisure, retail and office space, delivering around 3,000 new jobs.

Keyguard has been providing security services for contractors developing the Stanton Cross project since 2016. Under this latest contract, awarded by the lead development company, Keyguard is to expand its operations to cover Asset Protection, Entry Control and Vehicle Security Patrols for an additional three separate areas of the project site. Keyguard intends to increase the security envelope it currently provides to all future development areas of the project site as new contractors commence operations throughout 2020 and 2021.

Keyguard secured this latest contract by demonstrating its effectiveness and professionalism on site and, as part of the Westminster Group, has introduced rigorous safety measures and procedures to protect employees, site contractors and visitors during the COVID-19 pandemic.


Westminster featured in Business & Innovation Magazine

Westminster have been featured in an article by Business & Innovation Magazine. The article highlights the huge surge in demand we have experienced for fever screening equipment as a result of the Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic.

To find out more about our solutions please visit the Coronavirus page on our subsidiary website Westminster International.


Coronavirus – Westminster supplies Fever Detection Equipment to Iraq


Westminster announces to that in response to the increasing Coronavirus situation it has received a contract to provide advanced fever detection solutions for the screening of people entering a facility in Iraq.

Westminster is a leading provider of detection and surveillance systems and are assisting clients around the world, by providing suitable fever detection equipment and systems.

Details of some of Westminster Fever Detection systems and equipment may be found here.

New Product – WG Car, Bus, Truck & Container X-Ray Scanning Portal


Westminster announces the launch of a new unique type of vehicle x-ray scanner, usually individual types of vehicle scanners are deployed for specific types of vehicles.

A high energy scanner for sea freight containers, a low energy scanner for scanning a truck cab with a high energy scanner for scanning the sea freight container and lastly smaller profile low energy scanners for scanning occupied cars, buses and small vans.

The new drive through state-of-the-art WG Car, Bus, Truck & Container X-Ray Scanning Portal is capable of safely x-ray scanning Trucks, Occupied Truck Cabs, Sea Freight Containers, Occupied Box Vans, Cars, Buses etc.

The WG Car, Bus, Truck & Container X-Ray Scanning Portal is an ideal solution for Border crossings with mixed vehicles passing through.

The system utilises automatic colour-coding for material separation, distinguishing between organic, non-organic and metallic materials, this assists the operator to identify contraband items.

Follow this link for further information on the WG Car, Bus, Truck & Container X-Ray Scanning Portal.